4x4 Desert Safari Tour Dubai

Dubai sightseeing can be enjoyed the most by choosing a 4x4 desert safari tour. Desert safari offers you with several breathtaking activities. The 4x4 desert safari tour allows you to travel in a 4 WD throughout the Dubai desert. Normally, the duration of 4x4 desert safari is four hours. Different types of desert safari are available for Dubai sightseeing. This desert safari will provide you with off-road driving for an adventurous ride accompanied by expert drivers. You will be experiencing a luxurious 4x4 vehicle drive on the sand dunes of the Dubai desert. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the desert, if you opt for a full day desert safari.

The 4x4 desert safari tour is available as morning, evening and overnight safaris. The morning safari will be completed in about four hours. The timings of morning 4x4 desert safari will be mostly from 8am to 12.20pm. You can enjoy dune bashing in a 4x4 vehicle (Land Cruiser) during a morning safari. The vehicle will pick you up from the hotel and after reaching the deflation point, the tires of the vehicle have to be deflated to reduce tire pressure. For around half an hour, you will be enjoying the dune bashing in the Land Cruiser.

Photographs can be taken at the sand dunes and camel farm. You can also enjoy several activities such as sand boarding, sand skiing, camel riding and other activities arranged by the tour organizer. At the campsite, you will be provided with dates, nuts, and soft drinks. Finally, you will return to the inflation point so the tires can be inflated and you will be dropped at your hotel or residence. The price per adult is US $67 and price per child is US $52 for a morning desert safari.

Evening safari tour starts between 3.30pm and 4pm. The tourists will be picked up from the hotel in a 4x4 vehicle. You can enjoy dune bashing in a Land Cruiser for half an hour and you can enjoy the sunset of the desert which is exciting. In addition to the activities of morning safari, you can enjoy barbeque dinner, belly dancing, henna painting, and sheesha smoking. The evening 4x4 desert safari takes around 6 hours to complete. The tourists will be dropped to their respective hotel between 9pm and 9.30pm. The cost of the evening safari per adult is US $62 and per child is US $47.

Overnight 4x4 desert safari is the combination both morning and evening safaris. In an overnight safari tour, you will be picked up from the hotel between 3.15pm and 4pm. You will be then taken to the Dubai desert, and you can enjoy dune bashing for half an hour. You can take photographs of sunset in the desert. You can enjoy camel riding, belly dancing, henna painting, sheesha smoking, Arabian coffee, dates, soft drinks, buffet barbeque dinner, overnight stay, and breakfast during the overnight desert safari. You will be dropped by organizers at the hotel. The duration of overnight 4x4 desert safari is 16hrs. The cost for overnight safari per adult is US $118, and per child is US $70.
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