Dubai Sightseeing & Attractions

Most of the visitors in Dubai are interested in sightseeing and shopping. After shopping, Dubai sightseeing is the priority of the visitors. Sightseeing tours will help you to see the famous attractions in Dubai. The Dubai Creek divides Dubai into two: one is Deira in the north and the other is Jumeriah in the south. Several Dubai sightseeing attractions are offered by north and south of Dubai such as shopping malls, hotels, and mosques. The beaches and water theme parks in Dubai also offers a great day for the visitors in Dubai. You may be thinking that deserts cannot offer entertainment, but in Dubai desert safari tour provides you with great entertainment.

Because of endless Dubai sightseeing attractions, it is not possible to mention all the places here. Some of the popular Dubai attractions are:

Global Village: Global Village is situated in Dubailand and it the largest entertainment, tourism and leisure project in the world. Global Village consists of theater, commerce, art, entertainment, shopping destination and diverse cultures from all over the world.

Grand Mosque: Grand Mosque is situated at Bur Dubai with 45 small domes and 9 large domes. The height of the Grand Mosque is 70m, and it is decorated with stained glass that shines in the sunlight. Grand Mosque is one of the popular landmarks in Dubai.

Gold Souk: Dubai gold souk is famous for its tax free purchase of gold, and purchasing gold from Dubai is very cheap when compared to other countries in the world.

Burj Al Arab: If you are talking about Dubai, you cannot forget mentioning the famous Burj Al Arab which is another popular landmark of Dubai. Burj Al Arab is the world famous 5-star hotel built on an artificial island. The hotel is constructed in the shape of the sail of a Dhow.

Jumeirah Archaeological Site: The historical site has remains from 6th century AD. You can opt for guided tours offered by most of the travel agents in order to reach this archaeological site.

Dubai Ice Rink: This Olympic sized ice rink is in Dubai Mall. You can enjoy Disco sessions, Skating Sessions, Birthday Party, and learn skating lessons here. Dubai Ice Rink is an excellent venue for corporate events that can accommodate 350 people. It has an in-house café, a huge LED screen and Skate shop where you can purchase all accessories for skating.

Helicopter Tour: You can watch several Dubai attractions by hiring a helicopter. You can have a bird-eye view of several popular attractions in Dubai such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Islands, Burj Al Arab and other attractions of Dubai.

Dubai Art Galleries: The art galleries are included in the Dubai sightseeing attraction as they display art works of artists in Middle East.

Dubai Beaches: The beaches in Dubai are beautiful where you can enjoy the day to escape from the extreme heat of the city. Most of the popular beaches in Dubai are found in Jumeirah Road. Some of the beach activities you can enjoy in Dubai are scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling, and jet skiing.
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