Cultural Tour Dubai

Tourists can expect a variety of things from Dubai ranging from shopping to entertainment. Modern Dubai is in a constructional phase, but the city has a great culture and history. Dubai cultural tour takes you to old Bastakya quarter will definitely take you to the older ages. In old Bastakya district, you can find traditional courtyard houses. The Bastakya quarter is situated in Bur Dubai along the Dubai Creek. The Bastakya quarter is established in 19th century by pearl and textile traders from Bastak in Iran. The lanes of Bastakya quarter are lined with courtyard houses, cafes, boutique hotels, and art galleries.

Dubai cultural tours starts in the morning after a cultural breakfast in Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre is situated at Bastakiya quarter. The cultural breakfast will provide you with a great opportunity for meeting Emiratis. The cultural breakfast will help to know more about the local traditions and heritage. You can see wind towers in Bastakiya district. The Dubai Museum is situated in the historical Al Fahidi Fort which was built originally in the year 1787 for Dubai ruler to use it as residence as well as for the sea defence. The Al Fahidi Fort is renovated into museum in the year 1970.

Another great Dubai cultural tour is the desert safari. Desert safari enables the visitors to enjoy dune driving, camel riding, exploring wadis, and sand skiing along with the visit to Bedouin villages. In Bedouin villages, you cannot expect any kind of calculated movement. Women will be seen doing their household work such as milking and feeding the sheep and cows. You can enjoy Arabian Coffee in the village and can see the processing of cheese. The men and women are seen wearing traditional clothes. You can enjoy camel riding at the Bedouin village.

Heritage and Diving Village is a place where you can see traditional weavers and potters practice the craft. You can find the traditionally cooked food by local women in the Heritage village. The Heritage and Diving village will become active during Eid celebrations and Dubai Shopping Festival. Jumeirah Mosque is important in Dubai sightseeing and Dubai cultural tour. Dubai cultural tour organizes Jumeirah Mosque tour for the non-Muslims on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 10am. The tourists will be guided through the mosque and the guides will tell all the history of the mosque and the prayer rituals of Islam.

Dubai cultural tour also includes the visits to few archaeological sites where you can several artifacts of 7th and 15th centuries. Dubai Creekside is famous for historical and traditional architecture. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is situated at Bur Dubai close to the entrance of Al Shindagha Tunnel. The house has turned into museum now and the house is built in 1896. The house is built with sand-colored plaster and coral covered by lime. In the house, the visitors can find interesting displays and rare photographs of ancient times. Al AhmadiyaSchool & Heritage House was the early school in Dubai established in the year 1912, and the place is useful to know the history of education.
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